Flexible Production of Synthetic Natural Gas and Biochar via Gasification of Biomass and Waste Feedstocks


FlexSNG is an EU-Canada jointly funded project that aims at developing a cost-effective gasification-based process for the flexible production of pipeline-quality biomethane (SNG), high-value biochar and renewable heat, from a wide variety of low-quality biomass residues and biogenic waste feedstocks. The combination of feedstock supply chain optimization and new technology innovations leads to significant cost reductions that allow lowering biomethane production costs by more than 30% compared to state-of-the-art biomass-to-SNG technologies.

The technical development and validation activities of the project focus on the key enabling technologies that form the backbone of the FlexSNG process:
– The low-cost oxygen supply via oxygen transport membranes (OTMs)
– The flexible gasification process
– The simplified gas clean-up
– Feedstock supply chain optimization

The project work will culminate to week-long test campaigns where the process is validated to TRL5, and techno-economic assessments and case studies that will identify the most promising locations and conditions for successful industrial deployment of the FlexSNG concept in Europe and Canada.

Our Role

Project Partner
Leader for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation


European Commission – Horizon 2020


2021 – 2024


Europe – Canada

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