What they say about us…
“We have much appreciated the professional approach of ETA Florence Renewable Energies in all the support provided to our outreach activities and the EU Energy Days organised in the IRENA Sustainable Energy week in Abu Dhabi and at the Conference of the Parties since COP25 in Paris. I would also like to congratulate you for the continuous engagement in a sustainable bioeconomy for Europe with the EUBCE – European Biomass Conference & Exhibition and your large expertise and constructive advice in the reduction of carbon footprint of buildings through renewables’ integration.”
Paula Abreu Marques
Unit Head, European Commission DG Energy
“ETA Florence Renewable Energies has established a well-deserved reputation for excellence, enabling high-profile events related to sustainability issues. I was proud to host one of them: the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition 2019, held in Lisbon, an enormous success. Angela Grassi deserves to be acknowledged for her tireless work."
Maria da Graça Carvalho
Member of the European Parliament
“I have known Ms. Angela Grassi and collaborated with ETA Florence Renewable Energies in various contexts on renewable energy related topics for over two decades. I commend the highly professional, factual and unbiased approach of ETA Florence, which is reflected both in their analytical work and communication activities. I particularly appreciate their capability to analyse renewables in the wider context, for instance when considering the architectural integration of solar photovoltaics in buildings and its synergies with energy efficiency, or highlighting the critical role of sustainability criteria and regulatory frameworks in the supply and use of bioenergy and in the larger context of bio-economy.”
"The Advanced Biofuels Coalition (LSB) already collaborates successfully with ETA Florence Renewable Energies since its creation in 2012. For us ETA Florence is a one-stop-shop for communication and management support that is absolutely essential in securing the smooth running of a cross-industry platform like LSB. Thanks to the team’s professionalism, expertise in the bio-economy and in-depth knowledge of the Brussels ecosystem ETA Florence constantly brings in new perspectives and ideas for improvement. Big thank you to ETA Florence for your support!"
“ETA Florence Renewable Energies supports in a highly professional way broadening the knowledge for biomass as a sustainable and indispensable renewable energy source, adding to the European Commission’s Policies. ETA Florence has been pivotal in the dissemination and communication activities of the ETIP - European Technology and Innovation Platform in Bioenergy, by updating their information technology services and management and by employing a variety of contemporary broadcasting means to widely spread the new evidence, facts and awareness about the ETIP’s work and the state of the art for modern bioenergy science.”
Fraunhofer Umsicht works with ETA Florence Renewable Energies on several EU funded projects. ETA has strong expertise in communication and dissemination of scientific renewable energies project results and strategy considerations as resource, market and policy landscape analyses. Their large expertise and constructive cooperation helped us to deliver winning EU proposals. They have always been flexible, dynamic and proactive in adapting their scope of work to the project specific needs, and to deliver on time the first class deliverables of each projects. Pleasant and professional collaboration!
“Communication and dissemination of results is an essential part of EU funded projects. But in busy projects the project teams may not have sufficient time and skills to make the results well known. Therefore the expertise of ETA Florence Renewable Energies is an essential part of any successful project. ETA Florence has capabilities in providing services from strategic planning to graphic design and from creating social media communication to coordination of internal communication – they are an essential asset to EU funded projects.”
“ETA Florence Renewable Energies is for me a unique institution with the organization of conferences at the highest levels, crossing the views of scientific experts but also often creating the crossroads between the different skills that now surround the Renewable Energies field.”
“We have collaborated with ETA Florence Renewable Energies now for many years, not only on projects but also conferences and events all associated with sustainability and renewable energy and how these issues align with Architecture. On projects ETA have always given us a full and comprehensive technical assistance and documentation. The ETA team is able to bridge across the boundaries of the design, construction and approvals which is fundamental in achieving renewable integrated solutions.”
“It has been and still is a great pleasure to work with ETA Florence Renewable Energies – as a consortium partner, project developer and conference organizer. ETA handles all their tasks with professionalism, competence and enthusiasm, and brings to any collaboration valuable contributions. I very much appreciate the contributions of ETA to research and dissemination of European R&D&D into all aspects of bioenergy and integration of renewables into energy and material networks, and look forward to continuing our collaboration into the future.”
“ETA Florence Renewable Energies has been of great help over the last years to organize important gatherings in the field of renewable energies. They are professional, and always with a warm personal touch, which is important to make participants feel at ease.”
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