Competitive Hydrogen from Agro-Forestry Residues

Competitive Hydrogen from Agro-Forestry Residues: New Four-Step Process, Dealing with the Tar Problem


To verify the techno-economic feasibility and medium- to long-term viability of a promising 4-step process for the large-scale production of biohydrogen generated from low-quality agro-forestry resources.

It is expected that biohydrogen generated from low-quality agro-forestry resources will be economically competitive as compared with industrial hydrogen.

To explore this hypothesis, its integration with petro-chemical complexes, as well as, its scalability will be explored. For example, this project will look at large scale application along the Russian Federation’s natural gas pipeline network (production of Bio-H2 / BioSynGas) – considering mixing and safe transportation through Russian Federation pipelines and towards European markets, where it can be separated again.

It is important to note that the known “tar problem” (a.k.a.: contamination, blocking the known gasification processes) should be eliminated with the hypothesised 4-step process, being resolved in the 2nd step before the product comes into the gasifier (3rd step).

In addition to techno-economic feasibility assessments and verification, this project also elaborates a cooperation strategy (including: transfer of technologies, establishment of joint ventures, education and training activities) between the EU and Russian Federation.

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Study and Selection of Biomass Resources
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European Commission


2007 – 2008


Europe – Russian Federation

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