EU Energy Days 2017 – Kasakistan

Clean energy and urban design

After the first two EU Energy Days in Marrakech and Abu Dhabi, the focus now moves to Astana, Kazakhstan, for the International Specialised Exhibition, Expo 2017 – Future Energy, this year’s hotspot for showcasing clean energy solutions.

On 24 July, cities, project developers, technology providers, policy-makers and other clean energy stakeholders will come together for the third EU Energy Day, which will focus on Clean Energy Solutions for the Buildings of the Future.

Panel discussions will put the spotlight on the latest technologies, best practices and visionary innovations in energy efficiency and renewable energy, in particular for buildings and cities. Clean energy solutions will be presented by pioneering European companies and top researchers. They will showcase successful projects and state-of-the-art technology improvements in the integration of renewable energy in buildings, energy efficient appliances and construction methods, smart building solutions, urban design for smart cities, and energy efficient solutions for transport and buildings. In addition, visionary speakers will share their ideas on how clean energy will shape the cities of the future.

Take a look.



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