Year(s): 2018
Sector: Bioenergy

NextGenRoadFuels is a project funded by Horizon 2020 EU’s research and innovation programme. The project will develop a competitive European technology platform for sustainable liquid fuel production

technologies, proving the Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) pathway as an efficient route to produce high-volume, cost-competitive drop-in synthetic gasoline and diesel fuels as well as other hydrocarbon compounds. The project supports the SET-Plan Key Action 8 on renewable fuels, in line with the Renewable Energy Directives (RED II) and the European Energy Roadmap 2050.

Based on a circular economy approach in urban areas, the feedstocks used will be aggregated urban wastes (i.e. sewage sludge, organic waste and construction wood waste).

The project will establish a cost-effective valorisation pathway for multiple urban waste streams. Different combinations of thermo-, electro- and biochemical technologies, together with effective management of raw materials, allows the process to be extremely scalable, cost-competitive and resource-efficient thanks to the chance of integrating the process into existing supply infrastructures.