Marginal lands, industrial crops and innovative bio-based value chains


MIDAS is a Horizon Europe project to develop and demonstrate innovative solutions to grow industrial crops on marginal agricultural land and produce a wide range of bio-based products, such as biodegradable mulching films, bioherbicides, latex, rubber, biocomposites, biochar and other large use consumer products.

MIDAS builds on two pillars:

  • To optimize selected climate-resilient, biodiversity-friendly industrial crops and cropping systems, able to tolerate water scarcity and mitigate desertification, while improving biodiversity conservation, particularly in Mediterranean and central European regions.
  • To improve the functional performance of specific value chains and products, taking into account an improved resource use efficiency so as to boost the sustainable use of non-edible industrial biomass in a biorefinery concept.

Our Role

Project Partner – Leader for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation


European Commission – Horizon Europe


2022 – 2025



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