Clean and efficient microCHCP by micro turbine-based hybrid systems


Fit4Micro is an Horizon Europe funded project which aims at developing a microCHP unit running on sustainable liquid biofuels, to be applied at multi-family houses and at remote or off-grid locations, hence for domestic use. 

The technology developed for the project is based on a hybrid heating system, which has several advantages compared to pure electrically driven ones, and hence are particularly attractive in the retrofit market for hard-to-treat homes.
In order to implement the Fit4Micro solution, the research will start from the innovative Intercooled Regenerative Reheating Gas Turbine (IRRGT) prototype made by MITIS, the project coordinator.
The turbine will work with flameless combustors that can achieve very low emissions and high fuel flexibility, and will be improved during the project implementation, with the aim of increasing its current design efficiency from 29.6% to 40%. 

The development of this hybrid heating system will significantly increase the socioeconomic and environmental sustainability in the household sector, replacing fossil fuels with biofuels.

The Fit4Micro solution will contribute to making Europe the first enabled circular, climate-neutral and sustainable economy.

Our Role

Project Partner – Leader for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation


European Commission – Horizon Europe


2022 – 2026



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