Sustainable jet fuel from flexible-waste biomass


Building a pre-commercial plant that demonstrates how advanced aviation biofuel (jet fuel) can be produced from food waste (specifically, vegetable oil waste and organic solid waste). GreenFlexJET will pilot SABR-TCR technology (traditional transesterification and thermo-catalytic reforming technology) to produce a fully equivalent, yet sustainable, alternative to traditional jet fuel.

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European Commission – Horizon 2020


2018 – 2022



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Welcome to the first FlexJET newsletter Jun 15, 2019

Press Release


Introduction of the GreenFlexJET Project

James Hygate, Green Fuels Research

Chris Lewis, The University of Sheffield

Simon G Blakey, The University of Sheffield

Misha Valk, SkyNRG B.V.

Andreas Apfelbacher, Fraunhofer UMSICHT

Andrea Contin, University of Bologna

Thorsten Hornung, Susteen Technologies

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