Opportunities for Biomass to energy projects in La Rioja (Spain) and Tuscany (Italy)

Opportunities for Biomass to energy projects in La Rioja (Spain) and Tuscany (Italy)


In the context of the Altener Program Support and focused in the biomass as renewable resource, this project aims to face the taking decision process in the searching of optimal location for a biomass energy plant.

Both the potential private investors and the Administration, in biomass to energy projects, need to know the data pertaining to the biomass availability and cost, as well as a complete description of the physical and socioeconomic aspects of the analysed area. This project provides this required information for two pilot scenarios: La Rioja (Spain) and Tuscany (Italy) and, in addition, it develops a GIS based methodology for using this data to find optimal locations for their investments.

Our Role

Coordinator of project activities in Italy (mapping the marginal cost of delivered biomass; potential biomass plantations; selecting optimal bioenergy facilities; analysis and diffusion of the results)


European Commission





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