An electrochemically produced oxidiser for modular, onsite generation of HYdrogen PERoxide


HYPER is a new project funded by Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, lasting 4 years, with a budget of approximately 7M€.
At the core of HYPER project is the electrification of H2O2 production, and in turn its modular on-site and on-demand production potentially applicable to multiple industries: pulp and paper, textile, electronics, chemicals/ coatings, sanitisation, and water treatment.

HYPER’s world class consortium, including 12 beneficiaries from 9 countries, brings expertise to the entire value chain and with a strong industrial commitment to maximise exploitation through practical implementation. Together the consortium aims to transform H2O2 production from a large-scale, energy intensive chemical process to a smaller-scale, robust, modular, sustainable, electrochemical process, providing substantial economic and environmental benefits.

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Project partner.
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European Commission – Horizon Europe


2023 – 2026



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