Circular production of microalgae-based fuels for shipping and aviation


COCPIT (Scalable solutions Optimisation and decision tool Creation for low impact SAF Production chain from lipid-rich microalgae strain) is a 4-years Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action project supporting the large-scale production of microalgae-based fuels for hard-to-electrify sectors.

The project will foster the uptake of third-generation biomass sustainable fuels for aviation and shipping through an innovative, circular and comprehensive production process using two different pathways: HEFA (Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids) and HTL (Hydrothermal liquefaction).

COCPIT will also develop a decision tool – based on economic, social and environmental indicators – analysing different scenarios that will guide end users to the best solution for their specificities. The tool will be delivered within a comprehensive marketplace, where a range of technological solutions will be at investor’s service.

Coordinated by IMT Atlantique, COCPIT gathers 10 partners from 6 different EU countries. The consortium skills and activities cover the whole production of sustainable fuels from microalgae, as well as the implementation of circularity within the process, the delivery of a comprehensive marketplace – mapping the technological solutions – and of the COCPIT AI decision tool – facilitating end users choosing the best solution for them.

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