The New Frontier of Agri-Voltaic Systems

9 November 2023, Key Energy 2023, Rimini Fiera, Italy, 11:30-13:30

Energy policy needs acceleration in PV development; although all usable rooftops of existing and new buildings and all industrial, commercial and artisanal areas should be exploited to the fullest extent possible, portions of agricultural areas will also have to be identified in order to meet the 2030 targets. There are already degraded agricultural areas on the national territory, such as those in quarries, or unproductive agricultural areas or unused agricultural areas. Today with agri-voltaic systems we have the opportunity to recover these areas, a system in which agricultural activity and that of electricity production merge, preserving the agricultural vocation of the land. The energy transition pushes us more and more to combine the activities of historical sectors with those of modern sectors, and the agrivoltaic system is the element of modernization of the land and a tool for the transformation of the agrarian landscape.

Giulio Meneghello, Editor-in-Chief


Introduction and welcome

Michelangelo Lafronza Secretary ANIE Renewables  
Photovoltaic technology to support agriculture

Giulio Poggiaroni, Project Manager ETA Florence Renewable Energies
Introduction to the Italian Sustainable Agrivoltaic Network

Giorgio Graditi, Director of ENEA Renewable Energy Technologies Department  
ENEA activities on Sustainable Agrivoltaics

Presentation of the regulatory framework:

Barbara Clementi, General Directorate for Energy Supply Efficiency and Competitiveness MiTE

Alessandra Pesce, CREA Research Manager

Massimiliano Atelli, Chairman of the PNRR PNIEC Technical Commission for Renewable Energy EIA  


Investment Opportunities.
Claudio Bassanetti, ANEPLA President
Ilaria D’Amico, ANIE Delegate
Alberto Mazzoni, Vice President Fnp Bioeconomy CONFAGRICOLTURA
Gianluca Cipolletta, ANIE Renewable Delegate – Head of Development and JDA Italy Falck Renewable

12.40 Q&A

Landscape issues
Alessandra Scognamiglio, ENEA Sustainable Agrivoltaics Task Force Coordinator
Mariangela Lancellotta, Founder Le Greenhouse
Barbara Paulangelo, Partner and technical director REA Advisors
Fabiano Spano, Co-founder Studio Alami


Closing Event

Registration and further info:

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