Energy: The Italian Sustainable Agrivoltaic Association (AIAS) is launched with ENEA as chair

Promoting the development of agrivoltaicandsupporting projects that enhance the production of agriculture and photovoltaics through advanced technological solutions. This is the goal of the Italian Sustainable Agrivoltaic Association (AIAS), chaired by ENEA, which brings together institutions, trade associations and companies in the sector, including ETA Florence Renewable Energies, European Energy, Le Greenhouse, REA, REM Tec and Renovo Bioeconomy.

As the point of contact for institutions and official representatives in Italy and abroad,AIAS is able to provide fundamental support inthis rapidly growing sector ofthe energy transition.AIAS focuses on sustainability as a cross-cutting factor across energy problems,which includes food, environment, climate, and landscape, aimingto improve the sites biodiversity and ecosystem quality all in support of local communities.

“A sustainable agrivoltaicsystem can guarantee environmental, social and economic sustainability of the work with respect to the three aspects; agriculture, energy, and landscape”, highlights Alessandra Scognamiglio, researcher of the innovative devices laboratory of ENEA, chair of AIAS and coordinator in collaboration with ETA Florence Renewable Energies of the National Sustainable Agrivoltaic Network, which in just one year has reached almost 1,000 members, with the aim to define regulatory framework, and promote tools to support decision makers and guidelines in the sector.

“The sustainability of an agrivoltaicsystem comes from the added value it brings to agricultural production, the environment and the landscape, whilst respecting and even improving the quality of biodiversity and ecosystemsin local sites and communities”, concludes Scognamiglio.

Membership of the association is open to all entities involved in the development of agrivoltaicsystems, such as institutions, companies, cooperatives, associations and any legal or private figure, who shares the vision of sustainable agrivoltaicsystems as promoted by the association.

Alessandra Scognamiglio – Architect, PhD, has been a researcher at the ENEA Department of Renewable Energy Technologies since 2000. She is the author of numerous scientific publications, academic papers and patents, she is responsible for several projects and collaborations in urban and rural settings. She coordinates the Sustainable AgrivoltaicTask Force at ENEA and was recently general chair of the 8th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion.

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