Our May 2024 Newsletter is Out!

We’re very pleased to share with you our May 2024 newsletter, summarising our latest projects’s activities and results and our future events.

You can read it here: http://www.etaflorence.it/mailing/eta/newsletters/eta_florence_may_2024.html

In this issue:
EU Projects UpdatesNEGEM Project Quantifying and Deploying Responsible Negative Emissions in Climate Resilient Pathways Final Event: Vision and Pathways for Carbon Dioxide Removal in the EU; Resilex Project Reducing the EU Dependence on Critical Raw Materials for Solar Panel Production :
Latest Press Release
; Seamless-PV-EU ProjectDevelopment of Advanced Manufacturing Equipment and Porcesses Bringing Forward Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions: 12 Months of Progress

 Higlights of the MonthCollecting Bio-Waste in the Right Way: The Starting Point; Flexible Production of Synthetic Natural Gas and Biochar via Gasification of Biomass and Waste; Powering a Greener Future for Aviation and Marine Transport; An Electrochemically Produced Oxidiser for Modular, Onsite Generation of Hydrogen Peroxide

 Future Events: FlexSNG Project Webinar – Flexible Gasification Process; BIOMAC Project Workshop: New Renewable Supply Chains for Biomaterials; Resilex Project Workshop: Circular Solutions in the PV Industry; Symbiosyst Project Webinar: Benefits for Sustainable Farming and Ecosystem Functions in Agrivoltaic Systems ; EBIO Project Webinar: Upgrading of Pyrolysis Liquid into Biofuel: Opportunities and Challenges ; 2nd Conference of the Italian Photovoltaic Network – ReteIFV; 32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, EUBCE 2024; REFOLUTION Project Workshop: Sustainability and Responsibility in Advanced Biofuel Development Process; BIOMAC Project Workshop: Providing the Tools for Developing New Bio-Based Products: Opportunities from 4 EU-Funded Open Innovation Test Beds (OITBs); New Wave Project Workshop: Circular Value Chains for Bio-Based Products: the BIO-MATTERS Cluster 

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