SNEC Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell

SNEC International Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Conference and Exhibition


The Conference discussed policies, cutting-edge technology, market trends, business model, and financing tools, etc. in order to strengthen collaborative innovation and promote healthy and orderly development of hydrogen energy industries.

As a clean secondary energy carrier, hydrogen can be accessed from multiple sources and can be easily converted into electricity and heat with high conversion efficiency. Using renewable energy to achieve large-scale hydrogen production can both provide hydrogen for fuel cells, and be converted into green liquid fuel, making it possible to achieve a sustainable transition from fossil energy to renewable energy and promote a sustainable hydrogen economy.

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2019 Co-organizer
2020 International Partner


SNEC PV Power Expo


4-5 June 2019
Shanghai (CN)

8-9 August 2020
Shanghai (CN)


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