Promoting the Uptake of Gaseous Vehicle Fuels, Biogas and Natural Gas in Europe


This project aims at promoting the uptake of gaseous vehicle fuels (biomethane and compressed natural gas), by creating a network of filling stations for biomethane and CNG spanning Europe from the North, Finland and Sweden, to the South, Italy (the “GasHighWay”).

This objective will be reached by involving filling stations owners, operators of vehicle fleets, existing and potential biogas producers and municipal and regional authorities.

The project activities will include:

– promoting the implementation and expansion of distribution systems for gaseous vehicle fuels by e.g. mapping the optimal locations for gas filling stations and supporting the expansion of networks of gas filling stations

– promoting the uptake of gas vehicle fleets by offering information and support to operators of potential gas vehicle fleets

– providing information and support to potential and existing biogas producers in order to boost the investment projects

– creating a roadmap for the European GasHighWay

– raising the awareness on the use of these alternative fuels.

Our Role

Project partner. National coordinator (mapping key actors and identifying best practices), development of fleet scan tool, communication and dissemination.


European Commission


2009 – 2012



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