COCPIT (Scalable solutions Optimisation and decision tool Creation for low impact SAF Production chain from lipid-rich microalgae strain) is a 4-years Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action project supporting the large-scale production of microalgae-based fuels for hard-to-electrify sectors.


BUTTERFLY (Biomass Utilized To The Extended portfolio of Renewable Fuels with Large Yields) is a project funded by Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, lasting 40 months, with a budget of approximately 10M€.


REFOLUTION is a Horizon Europe funded project aimed at delivering a cost-effective production (reduce the CAPEX by 50% and OPEX by 45%) of advanced biofuels for the aviation and marine sectors via a process that can be implemented in existing European refineries.


A global approach for recovery of arable land through improved phytoremediation coupled with advanced liquid biofuel production and climate friendly copper smelting processes.


A new electrochemical technology for the efficient conversion of liquefied biomass into environmentally friendly transport fuels and biochemicals.


Solutions and pathways to overcome essential barriers identified in the Implementation Plan of Action 8, Bioenergy and Renewable Fuels for Sustainable Transport (IP8).

JEC Well-To-Wheels Report V5


A presentation clearly communicating the results of the JEC report “V5: Well-to-Wheels”, particularly its analysis on the future of automotive fuels and powertrains in the European.



A new Horizon 2020 project supported by the EC, to develop a competitive European technology platform for sustainable liquid fuel production.

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