FUEL-UP is a 4-year EU funded project, launched on 1 January 2024, aimed at transforming 100% biogenic waste into advanced biofuels to enable the green transition and the decarbonisation of the aviation and the marine transport sectors.


COCPIT (Scalable solutions Optimisation and decision tool Creation for low impact SAF Production chain from lipid-rich microalgae strain) is a 4-years Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action project supporting the large-scale production of microalgae-based fuels for hard-to-electrify sectors.


FUELPHORIA is an EU-funded Innovation Action project that aims to establish sustainable, competitive and secure value chains for advanced biofuels and renewable fuels of non-biological origin.


BUTTERFLY (Biomass Utilized To The Extended portfolio of Renewable Fuels with Large Yields) is a project funded by Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, lasting 40 months, with a budget of approximately 10M€.


SYMBIOSYST is a Horizon Europe project that designs and implements fully integrated agri-photovoltaic systems, where photovoltaics and agriculture can have a mutually beneficial relationship while safeguarding landscape quality.


FOREST4EU is a Horizon Europe funded project that aims at connecting hundreds of small projects promoted by small groups of farmers, researchers, forest managers, environmental associations and local communities, known as “Operational Groups”.


SEAMLESS-PV is a Horizon Europe project that develops advanced manufacturing equipment, processes and products, and the effective integration of multifunctional PV devices over final applications, enabling the deployment of Integrated-PV sectors in Europe.


REFOLUTION is a Horizon Europe funded project aimed at delivering a cost-effective production (reduce the CAPEX by 50% and OPEX by 45%) of advanced biofuels for the aviation and marine sectors via a process that can be implemented in existing European refineries.


Fit4Micro is an Horizon Europe funded project which aims at developing a microCHP unit running on sustainable liquid biofuels, to be applied at multi-family houses and at remote or off-grid locations, hence for domestic use.


GreenMeUp is a Horizon Europe funded project that aims at enhancing the uptake of biomethane in Europe, by reducing the gap between countries with higher rates of biomethane production and countries with lower development rates.

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