Sustainable AgriVoltaic

The platform aims to bring together the entire supply chain involved by promoting the exchange of information between companies, institutions, universities, and trade associations.



Aamps, Azienda Ambientale di Pubblico Servizio SpA, is the public company responsible for social services such as waste management and street cleaning throughout the Municipality of Livorno.

Monaco Yacht Club


An architectural project for the new Yacht Club of Monaco with a photovoltaic system integrated on the canopy of the upper-terrace.

Masdar Development


The Masdar Initiative aims to create a prototype for a sustainable city where residents and commuters have the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint.


Study to integrate PV systems in the architectural design of Faustino Group’s Bodegas Portia winery.

Motor City Aragon

The design of Motor City is inspired by the sleek aerodynamic aesthetic of the racing car.

Madrid City of Justice

Study and design of PV systems for the High Court and the Supreme Court buildings in Madrid’s new City of Justice.