Fit4Micro is an Horizon Europe funded project which aims at developing a microCHP unit running on sustainable liquid biofuels, to be applied at multi-family houses and at remote or off-grid locations, hence for domestic use.

Agrivoltaic for Noah’s Ark

Agrivoltaic for Noah’s Ark is an International design competition for an agrivoltaic system at the NeoruraleHub company.

Sustainable AgriVoltaic

The platform aims to bring together the entire supply chain involved by promoting the exchange of information between companies, institutions, universities, and trade associations.



Aamps, Azienda Ambientale di Pubblico Servizio SpA, is the public company responsible for social services such as waste management and street cleaning throughout the Municipality of Livorno.

Publiambiente S.p.A.

ETA-Florence Renewable Energies provides engineering services for the design and site management of various sizing rooftops or ground plants.

Gruppo Comet – Budrio

ETA Florence Renewable Energies provided engineering services for the design and the site management of various sizing rooftop or ground plants.