A focussed strategy for enabling European farmers to tap into biogas opportunities


GERONIMO II-BIOGAS is a follow-on initiative from a successful IEE SAVE project- GERONIMO (EIE/07/220)- that developed the first interactive web portal for EU dairy farmers centered on the theme of on-farm energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

GERONIMO II-BIOGAS will, on the one hand, mobilize a bottom-up effort to assist dairy and pig farmers in quantifying the biogas potential on their farms and working closely with them to capacitate them to draw up robust business plans and strategies for investment in biogas facilities; on the other hand, the project will ensure that a top down effort is mobilized, whereby best practice in the area of pro-biogas governmental policies, legislation, schemes and incentives from frontrunner regions, such as Germany, Austria and Denmark, is identified and transferred to other EU regions in order to create pro-biogas regional frameworks that remove the barriers from top that are preventing the uptake of biogas technology among farms.

Our Role

Promotion of pro-biogas regional framework policies and workshop organisation.


European Commission


2011 – 2013



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