EU Energy Days 2016 – Morocco


European Union Energy Day. Joint solutions for a sustainable planet is an event organised by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy, in the framework of COP22. It is a unique opportunity for key clean energy players to gather and share knowledge on how to move quickly towards a sustainable planet, in line with the Paris […]

EU Energy Days 2017 – UAE


This workshop is organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy. It is part of a series of EU Energy Days, which was initiated at COP22 in Marrakesh. This workshop will be the Commission’s first opportunity to share and discuss in an international context its recently launched proposals for a new Electricity Market Design and […]

EU Energy Days 2017 – Kasakistan


After the first two EU Energy Days in Marrakech and Abu Dhabi, the focus now moves to Astana, Kazakhstan, for the International Specialised Exhibition, Expo 2017 – Future Energy, this year’s hotspot for showcasing clean energy solutions. On 24 July, cities, project developers, technology providers, policy-makers and other clean energy stakeholders will come together for […]

EU Energy Days 2017 – Germany


This EU Energy Day took place in Bonn, Germany, as part of the COP 23 UN Climate Change Conference. Panel discussions focused on the new Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative and on ongoing collaboration between the EU and Africa in sustainable energy investment, and a Memorandum of Understanding between the EU Covenant of Mayors and the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions has […]

EU Energy Days 2018 – UAE


This workshop is part of a series of EU Energy Days, which was initiated at COP22 in Marrakesh. At this event, the Commission will present the EU’s priorities for accelerating clean energy innovation and the latest funding opportunities for the period from 2018 to 2020. There will also be a chance to discuss opportunities for […]

EU Energy Days 2018 – Poland


The 6th EU Energy Day will take place in Katowice, as part of the EU side events programme at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP24. It will showcase some of the initiatives launched to support a clean energy transition in the EU and beyond and advertise the progress already made towards delivering on the […]

EU Energy Days 2019 – UAE


The 7th EU Energy Day takes place in Abu Dhabi, as part of the EU side events programme at the World Future Energy Summit 2019. It will address the concept of sector coupling for accelerating the clean energy transition by discussing the current policy frameworks, the role of innovation and the importance of international cooperation activities. The […]

EU Energy Days 2020 – UAE


The 9th EU Energy Day is part of the EU side events at the World Future Energy Summit and will feature the European Green Deal and the road to becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent. There will be a chance to discuss the new policy proposals under the Green Deal, such as more ambitious energy […]

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