International PV Plus Energy Storage Application Summit

SNEC 2018 - International PV Plus Energy Storage Application Summit


Part of the official programme of SNEC PV Power Expo 2018, this specially designed forum aimed to discuss the application and market of energy storage in the PV industry. The attendees came from all levels of the “PV plus Storage” industry, from market leaders to financial institutions and senior experts to project owners.
As solar PV power plants and energy storage technology have matured, “PV plus Storage” has gained more and more recognition, supporting PV power generation and microgrid, by boosting the energy consumption in PV power plants. “PV plus Storage “has many benefits: it promotes intelligential energy production and consumption, helps to promote multi-energy coordination, and creates a new model and format of energy development.

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SNEC PV Power Expo


28 May 2018


Shanghai (CN)


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