Place: Italy
Year(s): 2008
Sector: Photovoltaic

Foster + Partners

Executive project for a photovoltaic plant

Potenza nominale installata: 237 kW

Produzione attesa annua: 261 MWh

Emissioni di CO2 evitate nell’anno: 185 ton

The solar technologies have been considered as a significant contribution to the enrgy balanace of the Rimini Masterplan. Taking advantage of the favourable exposure and orientation of the considered surfaces, the PV technology has been implemented in the roof areas, canopies and facade surfaces, in this manner, photovoltaic can represent a valid resource in order to meet the energy needs of a city, transforming building compounds from energy consumers into energy producers. Photovoltaic elements are able to transform the facade of buildings into an actual solar producer, possible to combine with traditionally used construction materials or even able to substitute for them.