Place: Europe
Year(s): 2001-2002
Sector: Photovoltaic

Architectural & technical advice for PV integrated systems in public buildings and schools

The aim of this project is to transfer the European technical experience (know how and project applications) into the Italian photovoltaic solar energy market, involving Public Administrations and schools Managers in order to promote and encourage pilot actions beginning in the Tuscany area, as well as improve practical application and visible prospects. Public Authorities were provided with Architectural & Technical advice for a better PV systems integration in public buildings and schools.

Advanced technology was combined with architectural expertise, when carrying out some application cases in order to involve the best practices of the partners.

The focus of the project is to optimise PV in building integrated scenarios (roofing, cladding, roof mounted, as windows, solar shading, etc.) and to present practical applications and visible prospects where PV grid connected becomes a reasonable electricity source in urban areas.

The overall objectives (scientific and technical) of the project are:

  • to contribute to the introduction of PV systems as an energy-significant option in urban areas in Italy
  • improving technical performance of BIPV or other structures in the built environment
  • to improve and demonstrate the attractive architectural medium (aesthetics value offered by PV)
  • to inspire the next generation to become involved in renewable
  • carry out project plans, feasible studies and analysis according to the National & European programs

The innovative aspect of this project lies in its uniqueness in providing Italian architectural, building and planning decision-makers with state-of-the-art and easy to assimilate information on BIPV. This will enhance the rate of BIPV, according to the Italian PV Roofs Programme, and contribute to the EU’s PV and Climate Change targets.

PV-PuBliSh is part of “SCREEN: School Renewable Energy & Efficiency Network”

The major aim of the “SCREEN” network is to raise awareness for renewable energy sources and the efficient use of energy, mainly by targeting schools and public administrations. This newsletter plays an important role as it serves to establish links between schools around Europe and beyond. Within the network, 19 partners from 10 countries work together on four different projects. The projects described below are part of the network, together with PV-PuBliSh:

Renewable Energy Schools
Objective: In each participating country, 10 schools will be equipped with a renewable energy installation. This will be accompanied by educational activities, e.g. workshops.
Countries: Austria, UK, Norway, Spain

Nordic PV
Objective: The installation of a grid-connected photovoltaic system on one pilot school per country and dissemination activities aim to promote photovoltaics in Nordic countries.
Countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, UK

Objective: At secondary and technical schools in Agrigento and Central Macedonia, training courses on renewable energy issues will be implemented.
Countries: Italy, Greece

Project Partners
ETA-FLorence Renewable Energies, Florence – Italy
IT Power