Place: Europe
Year(s): 2005-2007
Sector: Biomass & Bioenergy

Promoting European Pellet Heating Systems in the Market


PROPELLETS’ overall aim is to promote automatic pellet heating systems, within different regional scenarios from the European Market, through both the demonstration of the technical-economic feasibility of pilot heating facilities and the integration of acquired experiences.

Specific objectives are:

  • Market stimulation by means of assessing and disseminating best practices to targeted groups;
  • Involving and increasing the actors’ experience through the demonstration of pilot heating unit’s feasibility;
  • Stimulating European technology transfer to other markets.

Description of the work

  • Common Methodology for achieving territorial initiatives.
  • Market Structure analysis & promotional actions to overcome barriers.
  • Pilot actions, demonstrating the technical-economical feasibility of pellet heating units.
  • Targeted awareness & educational activities based on “best practices” & pilot actions.
  • Results Consolidation and Quality Control of the pilot actions using performance indicators.


  1. Dissemination Activities
  2. International Business Mission;
  3. Participation in exhibitions for pellet-business-oriented firms and end-users;
  4. Web page, CD-Rom, papers and brochures will allow dissemination-replication to all the market’s actors;
  5. Dissemination of results to the EU25 and other countries (including accession countries) in the “European Pellets Conference”, with a trans-continental conference by Internet, and information supply to NMS and AC;
  6. Specific dedication to “Common Dissemination Activities” included.

Expected results

  • Wood/agro pellets market stimulation in EU regions through a network constituted by the partners and actors. Demonstrative pilot heating systems to involve the market’s actors and to favour the demand;
  • Integration of experiences and promotion of the EU pellet market at regional level;
  • Technology of pellets transfer from Europe to other markets inside and outside Europe;
  • Summarizing, it is expected that a new total installed capacity of 5MW (25 pilot facilities of about 200 kW) will be created, which if substituting 34.000 t/year of coal, will avoid the emission of 14.000 tCO2/year;
  • The results of these UE selected regions will be representative of a great part of Europe

For further information visit the project website.

Supported by the European Commission DG TREN within the ALTENER Programme.

Project Coordinator
ESCAN S.A., Spain

Project Partners
ETA – Renewable Energies, Italy
JSP, Finland
RHPL, United Kingdom
ESV, Austria