Place: Europe
Year(s): 2007-2009
Sector: Biomass & Bioenergy

Phyllis Database Dissemination, Education and Standardisation

Description of the Action

The PHYDADES Action is aimed at providing public and reliable information on biomass fuels and biomass ashes.

This goal is accomplished by means of:

  • A new database named Biodat, created from the existing PHYLLIS database with contributions from various European organizations.
  • Education in the use and benefits of standardized analysis methods, in particular aimed at the New Member States

Biomass is an important part of the EU policies regarding renewable energy. The availability of reliable information on biomass compositions is a necessary prerequisite for the fast growth of the trade and use of biomass fuels.

The New EU Member States are expected to become large producers – and in a later stage consumers – of biomass. Today, they need education in the use of standardized analysis methods in order to independently guarantee the quality of the biomass fuels they produce.

The educational part of the PHYDADES Action is specifically targeted to this need. Workshops will be organized in Estonia, Poland, Spain and Romania. The workshops introduce the use and benefits of standards. The workshops are offered to anyone involved in the production, use or trade of biomass fuels. In addition, on-the-job training is offered to laboratory personnel.

The public database Biodat is a primary instrument for the educational part of the PHYDADES Action.

Biodat contains not only reliable data on biomass fuels and biomass ashes, but also information on standards and links to other relevant sources. This information is on-line available, free of charge and accessible for the whole World.

The project partners seek co-operation with professionals and experts in the field of industry and science.

Project’s partners

1.    Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands    ECN
2.    Technical Research Centre of Finland    VTT
3.    Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences    SLU
4.    CLN Institute for Fuels and Renewable Energy    ECBREC
5.    Tallinn University of Technology    TUT
6.    Association of Research and Industrial Cooperation of Andalusia    AICIA
7.    ETA – Renewable Energies    ETA
8.    Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology     OFI
9.    ENAS Oy    ENAS

Duration of the Project
36 months

ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, is WP leader and collaborates with the team of export for the definition of new screening rules for biomass and ash analysis standardised methods. The creation of Phydades Internet site and the dissemination actions are related to its activity.

For further information about the Action Phydades, pleas visit the Internet site