Place: Italy
Year(s): 2004
Sector: Photovoltaic

Architecture and Planning Foster + Partners

ETA-Florence Renewable Energies contribution: integrated PV

Potenza nominale installata: 308 kW

Produzione attesa annua: 330 MWh

Client: TAV-RFI (preliminary and final design)

The project of the new high speed train station of Florence was created by Studio “Foster and Partners” and “Arup” and is considered one of the most important architectural projects to be built in Italy in the coming years..
For the new station in Florence, Foster and Partners, employ sustainable technological solutions to reduce energy consumption and polluting emissions by integrating the photovoltaic plant on the roof.
The photovoltaic system project was implemented with the collaboration between Foster and Partners / Arup and ETA Renewable Energies and will represent an important example of the integration of high architectural value, creating a clean energy source located in the heart of Florence.
The photovoltaic system is designed to be integrated in the semi-transparent roof of the station, with the adoption of special glass-glass modules, with very different shape and dimensions made to measure for the work.
To maximize the energy output of the plant, in line with the orientation of the available surfaces, it was analyzed the sunlight of the roof during the different seasons and different times of day; It was also carried out a careful study of the trend of the shadows.