Place: Europe
Year(s): 2007-2010
Sector: Biomass & Bioenergy

Promoting the production and utilisation of energy crops at European level (Encrop)

DURATION: 34 months (2007-2009)


In the recent years several initiatives, e.g. research programmes, demonstration projects and commercial applications, related to production and use of lignocellulosic energy crops have been developed. However, these good practices and technologies are not known well. Therefore the purpose of ENCROP project is to promote the dissemination of results and best practices obtained in these projects. It is dealing with e.g. policy issues, research, demonstration and commercial activities concerning the production and utilisation of energy crops. Furthermore ENCROP is to increase knowledge and acceptance and widespread the good application of crop-to-energy chain in Europe.


The overall objective of the proposed action is to promote the production and the utilisation of lignocellulosic energy crops at the European level. The project aims at increasing the knowledge of different actors along the crop-to-energy chain.

The major target group is fuel suppliers and energy producers. The project aims to resolve potential bottlenecks in the crop-to-energy chain and to result some improvement in public perception.


  • Improving the public acceptance of energy crop utilisation
  • Disseminating the know-how and results gained in the recent R&D activities
  • Construction the contract models for crop-to-energy business chain
  • Advisory services for existing and potential actors in agrobiomass business
  • International seminar
  • National and regional seminars as well as regional demonstrations
  • National info events
  • International study tours
  • Short training courses
  • National and International Handbook for investors and major users of agrobiomass
  • Website including useful information about energy crop utilisation and business
  • Information dissemination, such as leaflets, DVD, articles, presentations


Jyväskylä Innovation Ltd,

ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, Italy,

GERBIO, German Society for sustainable Biogas and Bioenergy Utilization, Germany,

ESCAN, S.A., Spain,

University of Agricultural Sciences; Unit of Biomass Technology and Chemistry, Sweden,

Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Austria,

Agrifood Research Finland, Finland,

European Biomass Association, AEBIOM,