Place: Europe
Year(s): 2003-2006
Sector: Biomass & Bioenergy

The general aim of the project is to verify a new liquid biofuel chain for heat production. The following specific scientific objectives are defined to solve major technical problems and to address the principal economic uncertainties within the proposed scheme:

  1. Generation of process performance data (proof of a concept) of pilot-scale pyrolysis oil (PO) production
  2. Definition of three classes of preliminary PO fuel specifications
  3. Generation and reporting of performance and emission data of various boilers in long term tests
  4. Generation of fundamental PO combustion data to assist in developing higher quality fuels with less emissions
  5. Improvement of PO fuel quality in PDU-scale. Two main technologies are studied: emulsions and hot vapour filtration (HVF)
  6. Improvement of economic competitiveness of the bioenergy chain.

The pyrolysis process is able to produce high yields of liquid products which can be shipped, stored and utilised more economically than solid fuels in the small to medium size class. However, up to date there have been no long-term experiences with pyrolysis oil (PO) in this size class due to lack of sufficient quantities of suitable quality fuel.

To confirm the concepts proposed and to satisfy future market requirements, the project will generate data and know-how on selected technical and economic aspects related to the whole utilisation chain.

A stage-wise approach for R&D work is adopted in this project. In this project, large quantities of PO are produced, long-term utilisation tests are carried out, fuel specifications for PO are determined, PO quality is improved, and the whole concept from biomass to PO use is verified from market perspective.

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Supported by the European Commission DG Researh within the Fifth Framework Programme

Project Partners
VTT Processes, Finland
Fortum Oil and Gas, Finland
CGSI – University of Florence, Italy
Istituto Motori – CNR, Italy
Fortum Värme, Sweden
Vapo, Finland
ETA, Renewable Energies, Italy