Place: Europe
Year(s): 2003-2004
Sector: Biomass & Bioenergy

Opportunities for BIOFUEL-BURNING MICROTURBINES in the european decentralised-generation market

Microturbine, a versatile technical solution for production of electrical and thermal power, is a term applied to a new group of small gas turbines (20 kw – 100 kw output) being used to provide on site power. Micropower technologies are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial on site power market. Low-power turbines are becoming an attractive option to feed the load of small users.

Some of their big advantages are:

– they can easily burn different fuels (natural gas, diesel, gasoline, methane);
– low emission;
– low investment cost and reduced maintenance costs.

The main objective of the study is to assess the technical feasibility and the market potential of biofuels-burning microturbine systems for power/heating application, which is considered a short-term option to deploy innovative, efficient technology for distributed power generation.
Therefore the goals of the project, on long-term, are consistent with the goals set by the European Commission:

  • to improve energy efficiency of the energy system;
  • to enhance security of supply by increasing the share of liquid biofuels;
  • to promote energy production and use in such ways that respect health and environmental priorities.

Biofuels, especially biodiesel and bioethanol, are liquid fuels produced from biomass feedstocks via number of chemical processes.

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Supported by the European Commission DG TREN within the ALTENER Programme.

Project Coordinator
WIP, Germany

Project Partners
ETA – Renewable Energies, Italy
EUBIA, European Biomass Industry Association, Belgium