Place: Europe
Year(s): 2001-2003
Sector: Energy planning

GIS-based planning tool for greenhouse gases emission reduction through biomass exploitation

Aim of the project is an innovative GIS tools to optimise the land-use development and planning for the effective exploitation of biomass resources, in order to reach the following objectives (of Community interest):

  1. Promotion of biomass to energy plants;
  2. Air pollution and CO2 emissions reduction;
  3. Development of tools for the implementation of biomass projects in a sustainable way;
  4. Valorisation of the territory, recovery of marginal areas;
  5. Improved management of forestry and agricultural land;
  6. Integration between rural and urban areas.

The work will comprise the following main tasks:

  • Definition of a model for the evaluation of agro-forestry biomass potential and analysis of the biomass production and collection costs; > Design and implementation of the algorithm to compute the cost of the biomass delivered to the biomass to energy plant (considering production, collection, stocking and transport costs);
  • Design and implementation of the computer model to calculate the avoided CO2 and other pollutant emissions (including emissions from biomass transportation);
  • Computations and evaluation of biomass potential and optimal locations
  • Recommendation for the use of the GIS tool, and integration with the Regional policy (Energy Plan, Community Structural Funds, etc.);
  • Result dissemination through seminars and web pages.

For further informations visit the project website.

Supported by the European Commission within the LIFE Programme

Project Partners
DEF – University of Florence (co-ordinator)
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies Florence, Italy
DEART – University of Florence