Place: Italy
Year(s): 2010-2013
Sector: Biomass & Bioenergy

Second generation BIOethanol process: demonstration scale for the step of Lignocellulosic hydrolysis and FErmentation

The BIOLYFE project is developing and building an industrial demonstration unit for the step of hydrolysis and fermentation in the second generation ethanol process, integrating it in a complete lignocellullosic bioethanol industrial demo plant (which includes biomass feeding, pretreatment, hydrolysis, fermentation, separation and distillation). The overall goal is to develop technologies allowing increased and more economical utilization of chosen European renewable lignocellulosic raw materials for the production of second generation bioethanol. The product is tested on field, impacts (environmental, socio-economic) assessed, and results disseminated.

One of the goals of the project is also the distribution and use of products under real operational conditions, thus including installation of a distribution system and use in vehicles.
The project combines R&D expertise through the direct participation of research companies with industrial partners, as the coordinator is, willing to enter both the innovative lignocellulosic bioethanol technologies as well as the bioethanol production markets.

Construction services are providing by ETA-Florence Renewable Energies as subcontractor of the project.
ETA-Florence gained the required expertise through the set-up and operation of the first E85 fuel pump in La Spezia, Italy.

The support is required for infrastructural works with respect to the construction of the E85 and E10 fuel pumps in Tortona, in particular for the following tasks:

  • Obtaining necessary permits and authorisations. All necessary authorisation procedures and permits for the blending, storage, set up of the pump, and distribution of the fuel have been obtained.
  • Purchase of equipment.
  • Installation of E85 and E10 fuel pumps.
  • Training of personnel for operation and maintenance of fuel pumps.