Place: Europe
Year(s): 2006-2008
Sector: Biomass & Bioenergy

Sustainable, comfortable and competitive biomass based heating of private houses


Lack of knowledge, disregarding requirements of biomass heating and absence of standard technical systems are the greatest barriers in promoting biomass based energy in private houses.


In its 3-year duration (2006-2008) the project BioHousing aims to remove the barriers via designing of standard and commercial technical systems and by producing tools and information material for sustainable biomass heating. Project encourages energy service entrepreneurship and train energy actors to increase their professional skills to advice house builders and decision-makers. Use of stoves as auxiliary or main heating system is common in Europe.

Selection of stove and firewood storage and good firing practices are essential to avoid emissions, to get efficient combustion and comfortable heat.


  • modular unit of the boiler room for biomass and solar equipment is designed and documented;
  • at least one prefabricated house manufacturer offer the unit as an alternative of the technical room;
  • information material for sustainable heating by biomass is produced;
  • catalogue of stove/fireplace/biomass boiler manufacturers is produced;
  • the model of energy service entrepreneurship is produced, business plans and profitability calculations are carried out;
  • education is carried out and related material package of sustainable heating is produced;
  • simulation software for design of boiler room based on customer’s requirements is produced and will be used as an advisor tool to support technical decisions and cost estimation of wood heating system.

Project Partners

  • Jyväskylä Science Park – Coordinator – (Finland)
  • Technical Research Centre of Finland – VTT Processes – (Finland)
  • Jyväskylä Polytechnic / Institute of Natural Resources – (Finland)
  • ETA – Renewable Energies – (Italy)
  • Association regionale Biomasse Normandie – (France)
  • ESCAN, S.A. – (Spain)
  • Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Chemie und Technik- OFI – (Austria)

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