Place: United Arab Emirates
Year(s): 2006
Sector: Photovoltaic

Architecture and Planning Foster + Partners

ETA-Florence Renewable Energies contribution: Built integrated PV

Potenza nominale installata: 625kW

Produzione attesa annua: 790 MWh

The PV technology has been considered as a significant contribution to the energy balance of the Central Market redevelopment project. The PV systems have been considered for placement on the towers and on the souk (canopies and circulation space retail).

In the retail area was studied the integration of the modules through a particular arrangement of the photovoltaic cells so as to reproduce the Arab geometries.
For the integration of the photovoltaic on the towers, however, two different solutions which provide in the first case, use of inclined flat surfaces 50 °, whereas in the second, the roof is divided into inclined strips of 25 ° from the horizon, the area is lower than the first option, but the performance will be higher for the favorable inclination