Place: United Arab Emirates
Year(s): 2007
Sector: Photovoltaic

Architecture and Planning Foster + Partners

ETA-Florence Renewable Energies contribution: Built integrated PV

Installed nominal power: 435,6 kW
Expected annual production: 601,4 MWh
CO2 emissions savings per year: 427 ton

Thanks to the favourable exposure and orientation of the surfaces, the implementation of the PV technology in the louvre claddings over the due to South terraces in highly recomended for the very interesting key figures obtained in terms of both energy production and environmental sustainability.

Double glazing PV panels represent the most suitable solution for a functional integration on the buildings’ glass facade and semi-trasparent PV modules are increasingly used as building elements, they combine aesthetics with environmentally friendly electricity generation and with trasparency, enabling a more efficient use of daylight.