A long track record of over 250 european projects successfully concluded since 1994, several years of experience in dissemination activities, including organisation and realisation of high level international conferences and exhibitions in the field of renewable energies, scientific publications, editor of specialized books, a wide network of contacts established with scientists, universities and research centres, industries, stakeholders, decision makers, local actors, media and journalists.

Upcoming events

European Biomass Conference & Exhibition
27-30 April 2020 – Marseille, France

Held every year at different venues, is the largest gathering for biomass experts. The programme is coordinated by European Commission

Past events

European PV Solar Energy Conference & Exhibition
9 – 13 September 2019 – Marseille, France

We co-organise with WIP Munich Renewable Energies for the realisation of EUPVSEC

ETIP Bioenergy – Stakeholder Plenary Meeting
11-12 April 2018 – Brussels, Belgium

International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition

Experts and entrepreneurs from the entire world will have the opportunity to communicate, enhance their understanding, share their experiences in order to discuss the role of bioenergy in the Asian context.