Integrated Energy System

Integrated Energy System Electricity. Heating & cooling. Transport solutions. Energy storage. Gas. Water. The shift towards near-zero carbon emissions requires a new approach to energy systems – in terms of innovations, monitoring, and control strategies that optimise the features of new supply and demand technologies. Alignment of demand with supply is essential to addressing intermittent […]

Digitalisation and Energy Efficiency

Digitalisation and Energy Efficiency Buildings & Grids. Energy efficient cities. Water supply. Sustainable & efficient mobility. Energy efficiency is the other face of the “green energy coin” with a widely untapped potential. Different from renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency is a much more fragmented sector, in particular regarding the end-use of energy. Buildings, as one […]

Renewable Energy Technology

Renewable Energy Technology Bioenergy & bioeconomy. Solar & agrivoltaic. Small hydropower. Renewable hydrogen. To catalyse the energy transition and meet EU targets for climate neutrality, ETA supports projects advancing and deploying renewable energy technologies. This includes photovoltaic solar energy, solar thermal, and small hydropower technologies, as well as the combination of agricultural and photovoltaic [agrivoltaic] […]


Testimonials What they say about us… “We have much appreciated the professional approach of ETA Florence Renewable Energies in all the support provided to our outreach activities and the EU Energy Days organised in the IRENA Sustainable Energy week in Abu Dhabi and at the Conference of the Parties since COP25 in Paris. I would […]


Membership ETA is an active participant in a number of forward thinking and catalysing organisations aimed at advancing synergies for collective impact. Name European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP Bioenergy) Description A platform supporting the development of cost-competitive world-class bioenergy, advanced biofuel, and renewable fuel value chains, to accelerate their sustainable deployment across the EU. […]

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IEA Bioenergy Webinars


These events present important published reports; raise awareness of ongoing efforts; and stimulate productive discussion around priority topics.

EU Energy Days 2016 – Morocco


European Union Energy Day. Joint solutions for a sustainable planet is an event organised by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy, in the framework of COP22. It is a unique opportunity for key clean energy players to gather and share knowledge on how to move quickly towards a sustainable planet, in line with the Paris […]

EU Energy Days 2017 – UAE


This workshop is organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy. It is part of a series of EU Energy Days, which was initiated at COP22 in Marrakesh. This workshop will be the Commission’s first opportunity to share and discuss in an international context its recently launched proposals for a new Electricity Market Design and […]

EU Energy Days 2017 – Kasakistan


After the first two EU Energy Days in Marrakech and Abu Dhabi, the focus now moves to Astana, Kazakhstan, for the International Specialised Exhibition, Expo 2017 – Future Energy, this year’s hotspot for showcasing clean energy solutions. On 24 July, cities, project developers, technology providers, policy-makers and other clean energy stakeholders will come together for […]